Reliable Urgent Care Clinic near Bakersfield: Immediate Appointments in Bakersfield without the Waiting

First Aid Urgent Care is your Reliable Urgent Care Clinic near Bakersfield which is also a convenient ER alternative for non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses when your Provider’s office is closed or not available. As a Urgent Care Clinic near Bakersfield, our friendly, professional staff can treat common, minor injuries and illnesses including bronchitis, sinusitis, allergies and sprains with no appointments necessary.

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Instant Urgent Care Clinic in the city of Bakersfield

urgent care bakersfield

urgent care bakersfield

When searching for Urgent Care Clinic in the town of Bakersfield, minor emergencies don’t wait for a convenient time to visit your Physician. That’s why First Aid Health urgent care facilities and express virtual visit clinics are here to help. Located in the city of Bakersfield, we are local and offer a low wait alternative to sitting in Emergency Room for non-life threatening symptoms. No appointment is necessary and we can take care of a wide variety of injuries and illnesses. We can also do a tele visit by phone.

Urgent Care Clinic in Bakersfield: Quick Attention Care That is more affordable than an E.R 

First Aid Health urgent care practices convenient and effective attention for patients at convenient locations throughout our service areas. The experienced staff at First Aid Health immediate care facilities offer immediate, urgent care for non-life-threatening cases, which includes treatment for colds, flu, cuts, sprains and strains, bee stings and minor asthma problems. No appointment is needed and most insurance plans are accepted.

Conditions most often treated at our Urgent Care Clinic in Bakersfield

• Ear infections near near
• Cold or flu symptoms near
• Bronchitis near
• Rashes
• Sprains and strains
• Urinary tract infections

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